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About Us

Our Background

Gravity Fishing started as commercial fishers over 10 years ago. Over time we have changed our methods of fishing to hook and line to proudly support sustainable, traceable and transparent fishing. We service the restaurant scene in New Zealand where sustainably minded chefs turn our premium grade catch into something magical on your plate. We’ve extended our passion to launch Gravity Experience, so other people can learn about the hook to plate movement, enjoy a fishing adventure and experience top class chefs transforming the freshest catch right before their eyes.

From Hook To Plate

We give it our very best shot to harvest both ethically and sustainably with little to no impact on our environment surrounding the pristine waters near 46 South. We are one boat and one crew with 100% traceability and transparency. Our aim for Gravity Experience is to share the hook to plate movement with others so they can have an adventure while learning how to harvest and look after their catch and appreciate just how amazing fresh seafood can taste with the right preparation. It’s a fishing and food adventure.

About Your Host – Nate

Nate is from a lineage of Fishermen and woman, his family are from Stewart Island and the seaside port of Bluff, so fishing has always been in his blood. He was brought up with a passion for the ocean and fresh food and generations on has developed more ethical ways of fishing to give back, not just extract from the environment. Relaxed, down to earth and adventurous, Nate loves to share his knowledge and passion with others, hence Gravity Experience was born. Nate lives with his wife Anna and two young children in Bluff.

Commercial Fishing Methods

All our fish are harvested using hook and line. Once the fish has been landed it is then measured, brain spiked using an ancient Japanese technique called Ikijimi, then transferred into our insulated ice slurry bins until the core temperature of the product is brought down. We pack each individual fish on ice belly down until we unload into our chiller truck which then travels straight to our packing facility. The room temperature of the chiller is kept at 0 degrees C to minimize any risk of bacteria, ensure better shelf life and quality of the highest standard. Each fish is weighed, packed and distributed on site.


The area we fish is called Area 5. It starts at Slope Point which is located on the south eastern coast of New Zealand’s South Island and finishes at Awarua Point, which is found on the south western coast. It is a very large piece of coastline spanning over 200+ nautical miles – this area includes Rakiura (Stewart Island), one of the most beautiful pieces of coast in the world. It is an absolute privilege to be able to harvest these waters.

About Stewart Island

Beautiful, remote and truly untouched – Stewart Island – New Zealand’s smallest island is a paradise of rugged peaks, rainforest, windswept beaches and rare wildlife. Home to just 400 humans and over 13,000 kiwi, Stewart Island is a haven for wildlife including the rare yellow-eyed penguin, weka, and tui. Seals and sea lions loll on the rocks, while whales and dolphins often come close into the bay. Albatross can also be seen on their migration south.

Known as Raikura in Maori, which translates to the land of the glowing skies, nearly 90 percent of the island is National Park.

It’s one of the best places to see the famous Southern Lights (Aurora Australis), a remarkable sight for anyone lucky enough to experience it. The best time to see this phenomenon is from March through to September.

We are privileged to be able to harvest from Stewart Island and have special permits to do so. It’s also renown for some of the kindest and friendliest locals – if you go exploring the Island you might get the opportunity to meet some of them!