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On The Water

Good question, but from our experience it’s uncommon. We spend most of our time in enclosed water, protected by inlets and Gravity is a smaller agile boat that doesn’t roll like you may have experienced on large boats. Of course, if anyone does get seasick, we do our best to make them as comfortable as possible and returning to land is always an option.

This entirely depends on what the group would like to do, but at a maximum it would be 4.5 hours. For those new to fishing we find shorter trips are better, with time to explore on land also. Where we go depends on what we choose to harvest. Most good harvesting spots are within about an hour away from where we launch.

If some people choose not to go out on the boat that is completely fine. Your experience your way. They can choose to explore Stewart Island, or sit back and relax in the accommodation.

We adjust to what the group wants, but anywhere from 9am is typical. We want to allow time for a relaxed breakfast.

The boat is called Gravity. Gravity is a true fishing boat and comfortably accommodates about 16 people. It’s warm, spacious and comfortable. There are two eight seat loungers, one inside and one outside.


You won’t find any five-star resorts on Stewart Island, but the accommodation is comfortable and spacious with stunning views.

We prefer to stay at a waterfront lodge in Lonnekers Beach that is perched above the sea and surrounded by native bush. Large windows face north to maximize the sun and make the most of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that Stewart Island, the Land of the Glowing Sky, is renowned for. During your stay, you can relax at the house and take in the beautiful views or stroll along Lonnekers Beach. It’s a 10 minute walk into the settlement of Oban in Halfmoon Bay.

It caters for up to groups of 12 people, it’s spacious, with an open kitchen which is important for the chefs and your evening food experience.

There are five bedrooms; Three queen bedrooms, one double bedroom and one room that has several bunk beds, including two doubles.

If this lodge is not available on your chosen dates, there are other options on the island we can explore.

Yes, of course, as long as the location works logistically. We can advise on other options, just let us know.

Yes, this can be arranged on request and can be a good choice if you want to spend more time exploring the Island. We can book this for you, just ask.


Departure is situated in the main terminal building at Invercargill Airport.

Please check in 30 minutes prior to your departure.

Inexpensive airport car parking can be booked, please let Lea, your Gravity Fishing travel agent know.

There is a bag limit of 15kg per passenger and a small carry-on bag, but you can securely store excess baggage with Stewart Island Flights free of charge.

Enjoy a scenic 20 minute flight, arrive fresh and with just 9 passengers per plane, frustration and delays caused by large numbers disembarking are avoided.

This is often possible, it’s a small plane with just 9 passengers, so as long as they don’t have bookings that conflict with your request and enough people it’s a possibility. Just ask us.

Yes, please let us know if this is your preference. Note that Ferry’s depart from Bluff.


We can cater for most food preferences, including those who don’t eat fish but still want to be part of the experience. Please let us know in advance if anyone has dietary requirements so we can plan accordingly. There may be a small cost to cover items outside of the main menu.

You can customize your day by letting us know what you want to experience with a choice of diving for Oysters, Scallops or Paua, spearfishing for Flounder, Butterfish or Trumpeter, hand line harvesting for Blue Cod or drop lining for Groper. Seafood is seasonal.

Don’t worry! This absolutely will not happen; we know where and when to harvest to ensure we get all the fresh Kaimoana we need. For large groups Nate and your Chef may do some gathering in preparation.

A lot of the food is fresh seafood, given the nature of the trip! But we also have established relationships with premium game suppliers and local producers, our chefs are happy to diversify. This comes down to what you want. You’ll be asked about your food preferences during the booking process.

Alcohol is not included, because not everyone drinks alcohol, or they drink differently. BYO options are available, we can recommend beverages to match your meals.

Thankfully drinking and driving is not an issue! BYO options are available. 


This is not an issue. Because of the nature of the inlet there is always somewhere where we can get out of the weather and harvest enough food. The boat has cover with an inside eight lounger and space to move around, so you can always find a place out of the wind or rain if needed.

The biggest difference is the seasonality of what produce is available and legislations of what we can harvest – these are in place to protect the ecosystem and certain species. This part of the country has changing weather patterns, so you might get hail in summer and a hot day in winter. We are prepared for anything.

Please let us know as soon as you need to make changes or cancellations. We understand ‘life’ happens, so will try to be as accommodating as possible, but also need to cover our costs, so each cancellation and change is treated case by case. For example, our accommodation and flight providers and booking agents have their own cancellation fee’s which we need to take into consideration. 

For your time on the boat dress comfortably. We recommend you have some warm clothes as the weather can change – layers are your friend here! Flat shoes are also required on the boat. a windbreaker is helpful, especially if you choose to go for a walk on the land. Sunscreen and a hat are also key, especially in the summer months.

If you are keen to get into the water, bring swimming wear.

During the evening your attire is your choice, you’ll be in the comfort of a home, so dress as casual or tidy as you like.

Yes, our motto is ‘your experience your way’. Just let us know your preferences and we can usually accommodate them.